CoinZoom Cash

Fund your CoinZoom account with Cash in under ten seconds. Load up to $999 in cash at thousands of retail locations nationwide.

Once your account has been funded, you can easily buy Bitcoin or other leading coins at a low flat fee of 5% - 5X less than up to 25% network fees when purchasing through a Bitcoin ATM, saving you time and money.

Find a Location Near You
Scan CoinZoom's Deposit Barcode at the Store to Make a Cash or Debit Card Deposit

How it works

Step 1

Download the CoinZoom App.

Step 2

Set up your CoinZoom account.

Step 3

Log in to your account.

Step 4

Tap "Wallet, choose "Deposit" and select CoinZoom Cash.

Step 5

Select the retailer most convenient for you – generate barcode.

Step 6

Activate barcode when you arrive at the retailer for the cashier to scan. Pay your cash and the money is instantly in your account.

Step 7

Buy crypto at fair exchange price without delays.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7

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CoinZoom Cash vs. Crypto ATM

Low Fees

  • Market among the lowest 5% fee vs up to 25% in Bitcoin ATM fees​

No Delays

  • Instant transaction vs up to 50 minute delays at Bitcoin ATMs

Real-time Prices

  • Real-time crypto exchange price vs 13 – 20% loss of crypto value at an ATM​


  • Thousands of retail locations nationwide and growing

Thousand of Stores Nationwide

Latest retailers to join our nationwide program


Common questions customer may have about CoinZoom Cash and its benefits:

  • CoinZoom Cash is a service that allows you to deposit up to $999 (depending on the retailer) into your CoinZoom account instantly. Once the funds are in your account you can buy Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies.

  • Consumers were paying expensive network fees and experiencing delays of up to an hour when using Bitcoin ATMs to deposit cash. We are pleased to offer a service that eliminates the long wait and expensive fees associated with utilizing cash to buy crypto.

  • CoinZoom Cash fees are the market lowest rate of 5% - 5X less than up to 25% fees that some Bitcoin ATMs charge.

  • You can find all participating retailers near you when you select CoinZoom Cash as a deposit option on the CoinZoom app.

  • Each retailer is different. You can load up to $999 depending on the retailer.

Terms & Conditions

(1) Trading Fee Discounts: Preferred, Gold, Platinum, & Black cardholders who maintain the required number of ZOOM tokens for each trading fee discount level and surrender ZOOM tokens at the time of placing trades on the exchange.

(2) Card Rewards Back: Cardholders will receive 1% – 5% in Card Rewards (ZOOM tokens) for qualifying purchases, depending on the number of ZOOM tokens they maintain in their accounts at the time of each purchase. Qualifying purchases exclude MCC Code 6011 (ATM Transactions), MCC Codes 4829, 6012, 6051, 6211, 7392, 7801, and 9402 (Financial Institutions Payments), MCC Code 5310, and 6513 (Real Estate Agents and Managers), and purchases over $1,000 for a rolling 30-day period for MCC Codes 5310 and 5331 (Discount & Variety Stores), MC Code 5200 (Supply Warehouses), MCC Code 5399 (General Merchandise or Convenience Food Stores), MCC Code 5411 and 5912 (Grocery Stores), MCC Code 5541 (Service Stations), MCC Code 5943 (Office and School Supply Stores), and MCC 7399 (Business Services - Not elsewhere classified). The following types of transactions are excluded from the ZOOM Rewards program calculation: Transactions in digital wallets, digital banking services, crypto exchanges, stored value products, gift cards, and money remittance services. The list of qualified merchants is subject to change by CoinZoom® at its sole discretion.

(3) ZoomMe® Global: Worldwide peer-to-peer fiat money transfer. The daily limit is based on the number of Zoom Tokens held, not the card level.

(4) Free Wire Transfer: As long as the customer owns the minimum number of Zoom Tokens required for the Platinum Level, the customer will not be charged for wire transfers.

(5) AirDrop Eligible: CoinZoom® Visa Rewards members are eligible for new coin listing and other promotional airdrops.

(6) CoinZoom® Crypto Visa Card is currently available for U.S. customers. The CoinZoom® Crypto Visa Debit card will be “Coming Soon” for international customers.

(7) CoinZoom® Crypto Visa card is available to anyone in the U.S. However, Card Rewards are only paid to those that are holding ZOOM.